Yesterday my sis JLE came to my place,we went to do some shopping here and know what we shop?Hehehe...Again we go shop for crystal.After finish shoppping the crystal we go and make our handphone strap.Then after that,I told my sis JLE that I heard there is a shop that sell the spectacles in a cheap price,so she ask me to take her go there coz I and her also plan to make a new spectacles for working use.So we did it!We make our spectacles in a very cheap price!And it will be done on this coming January the 12th.We going to pick it up on that day.Now i have already 3 spectacles!Hahaaa...Guess the spectacles is going to be my new collection ...^^...
so here is my crystal pics and the handphone strap that we bought and the spectacles that i have now,i will post my new spectacles next when i get it...^^..


Dream Girls VS Yagima Biyoushitsu

I wonder that did anyone of you have seen the movie of the "Dream Girls" or not?
As for me, i love the dress up of them and also all the songs they sang is very nice!
Recently in Japan, they got a group of the famous singers "Yagima Biyoushitsu"
They dress up like the(the Dream Girls) and it`s really very nice!
The only things of different both of them is : the real "Dream Girls "are womans
The "Yagima Biyoushitsu"are mans!
So below is the videos of them that i get in youtube,really not bad!And i like it very much! ..^^..

Dream Girls



I learn about FUNG SHUI(風水)from my sister SYLDIA and JEY,they told me that is very useful.
Even if we are not good in following 100% of what the FUNG SHUI`s teach us to do,we can still achieve our maximum standard and that is by our own pace...
As for me it was my first time to know about the FUNG SHUI(風水) so why not i have a try!(^^)
Well,let's hope my luck will change for the better...hehe..

So here is my FUNG SHUI`s things that i get it while i`m back to my hometown time....



B`day Girl(Risa)

December the 9th is my youngest daughter RISA 18 year old b`day and I take her out to celebrate her b`day at the hamburger steak restaurant near the town.I love to go there whenever got any occasion coz the foods there really taste very good,the most i like one is the black pepper hamburger steak and the Tofu salad!Hahaa...look like I myself who is enjoying the foods!...^^...Sorri dear!Hehe...Anyway we have a great time on there and she feel happy to have a great celebration from her OKASAN !
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you my dear!RISA


One-Question Interview! MUST READ!!! (EXTREMELY HILARIOUS)‏

Something to share with you all,hope you all like it! (^0^)

Can you handle this One-Question Interview?

'What is the fastest thing you know of?'
An office manager was given the task of hiring an individual to fill a job opening. After sorting through a stack of resumes he found four people who were equally qualified. He decided to call the four in and ask them only one question. Their answer would determine which of them would get the job. The day came, and as the four sat around the conference room table the interviewer asked:

'What is the fastest thing you know of?'

Acknowledging the first man (A WHITE MAN), on his right, the man replied, 'A THOUGHT. It just pops into your head. There's no warning that it's on the way; it's just there. A thought is the fastest thing I know of.'

'That's very good!' replied the interviewer. 'And now you sir?' he asked the second man (AN INDIAN MAN).

'Hmm .... let me see. A BLINK!It comes and goes and you don't know that it ever happened. A BLINK is the fastest thing I know of.'

'Excellent!' said the interviewer. 'The blink of an eye ......that's a very popular cliché for speed.
'He then turned to the third man (A BLACK MAN) who was contemplating his reply,'Well, out at my dad's farm, you step out of the house and on the wall there's a light switch. When you flip that switch and way out across the pasture the light in the barn comes on in less than an instant. TURNING ON A LIGHT is the fastest thing I can think of.'

The interviewer was very impressed with the third answer and thought he had found his man. 'It's hard to beat the speed of light,' he said.
Turning to the fourth and final man (A COLOURED MAN), the interviewer posed the same question. ‘It's obvious to me that the fastest thing known is DIARRHEA.'

'WHAT!?' said the interviewer, stunned by the response.

'Oh I can explain.' said the fourth man. 'You see the other day I wasn`t feeling so good and I ran for the bathroom.But,before I could THINK,BLINK,orTURN ON THE LIGHT,I had already shit in my pants!'

HE GOT THE JOB...............



Time pass really very fast!Today is my mom 3rd time doing her praying ceremony.That`s mean that my mom have left us already 1 month. Too bad that i can`t attended the ceremony so i just call back to ask my younger sister how was the ceremony?She told me that mom is happy when she using the coins to do the "sim poi" for asking her how are she on there?And the coins everytime show the laughing "sim poi" that mean that she is happy.Glad to know that mom is happy on there that`s make my heart feel a bit better but i still miss her so much and love her coz she is the greatest mom that we ever had in our life....


To All My Dear Friends

Thank you so much to all my dear kind friends..for the condolences ...Guess me & JLE and my others family members still need time to cure this painful moments of our life...once again..thanks you to all of you for being so kind !


My Favorite Restroom

Last few days ago,I have a chat with my 2 dearest friends Constance & Amy.We chat about where we mostly spending our time reading newspapers or books and i told them that my favorite place for reading newspapers or books is in my toilet.Coz i really decorated my toilet like a restroom that can give me to relax my time in it and they want to know how is my toilet look like with my decoration!

Tata!!!!Here is it!!! How?Hehehe...Nice?

Toilet door Glass with stainless glass film


Crazy weekend

I was on holidays at the weekend.So i thought of spending my time with my 2 dotters .I took them to do some window shopping at the big super department store here (JUSCO).3 of us are really crazy at that time playing all the goods of the Halloween things . Now all the Super department store here are selling the Halloween goods coz soon will be Halloween. We really have fun at that time.(^^)Here are some pics that i take!How?hehehe...

Cute toys



B`day Girl

Today October the 4th is my Eldest dotter ERIKA B`day .Wow!Time really pass very fast she now have turn into 20 years old already.So me ,hubby and my youngest dotter plan to give her a b`day dinner at 1 of the Steak Resturant in the town area.She quite enjoy herself and so do we too.(^0^) HAPPY B`DAY TO YOU MY DEAR ERIKA!!!

The Steak Resturant that we went....



Have a good laugh, cheers....(^_^)/

You might like it. This is hilarious.....even an Englishman, European or American cannot construct sentences using numeric, which is exclusive only to Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Ah Kaw was asked to make a sentence using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Not only did he do it 1 to 10, he did it again from 10 back to 0. This is what he came up with.....

1 day I go 2 climb a 3 outside a house to pluck fruit. But the couple saw me, so I panic and 4 down. The man rushed out and wanted to 5 with me. I ran until I fell 6. So I go into 7-eleven to buy drink but the cashier very rude so I grabbed some 8 and throw at him. He scold my mother so I took a 9 and try to stab at him. 10 God he run away or else sure die. 10 I put the 9 back and pay for the 8 and left 7-eleven. Next day I called my boss and told him I was 6. He said 5, tomorrow also no need to come back 4 work. He also asked me to go climb a 3 and jump down. I don't understand. I so nice 2 him but I don't know what he 1. His character very bad, I give him jiro (0)



They are cute aren’t they!

They are sooo gorgeous!! I want one!(^O^)/

This is for those that haven't seen the 16 baby pandas. SICHUAN, China -- One zoo in southwest China has its hands full with 16 baby pandas. The Sichuan Wolong Panda Protection and Breed Center is dealing with the results of a breeding boom -- 16 pandas have been born since July, 2006. The brood includes five sets of twins. The cubs are weighed and measured every five days (see pics) The heaviest tips the scale at just over 24 pounds, while the lightest weighs about 11 pounds. The pandas are due to stop suckling by February, 2007 just about the time they'll start learning to walk. Once weaned, the panda cubs will attend panda kindergarten. In the meantime, more little ones are expected at the center since 38 giant pandas were artificially impregnated.