11 more days to goes....(Count Down)

See!Hahaa..What a big luggages!This is the luggages that i will bring it back to my hometown in PG.I will only stay in PG for only 3 weeks but i pack it till so big,look like i`m going back forever.hahaaa...wonder i can carry it by myself or not while in the air port.Guess i need lots of powerful enegy only can carry it lah!hahaaa...but i`m really feel so excitting to be back coz is already 3 years that i didn`t go back to my hometown.EXCITTING!!!



At last i get my favorite singer CD album today!So happy coz i been waitting for it for so long.I try to look for it at the music shop here in japan but it still didn`t sell here yet so i went to the net & order it from the AMAZON.CO.JP!Wooopy!See I got it now!Hahaaa....It`s SHAYNE WARD 2ND New Album!!!Now i have 2 album already!So happy!!!I`M his crazy fans lah!Haaaahaaa...OOPS!My Son too!!!Hehehe...


The OHINA-SAN(お雛人)

These are the japanese OHINA-SAN .it was a gift from the grandmother to their first granddaughter,the OHINA-SAN is represent a god to take good care for the child till they become adult,the OHINA-SAN is only for the girls,so the japanese ppl will decorated the OHINA-SAN on every year in MARCH the 3RD.(3/3).It was quite expensive but it take lots of space to decorated it coz it`s BIG!!!Problem!Hahaaa...


The Japanese New Year Cards

Here are the Japanese New Year cards,Those cards is a bit differents from all the new year cards that we use to see it coz the japanese New Year Cards is a postcard.We can get it from the post office or at the convinence shop(24hours shop)or at the super department store.This cards popperly sell in 5 pieces till 50 pieces,but if you brought it from post office is more cheap then in the convinence shop coz it is with stamps & the prices is just the stamps prices only.there are 2 type of the New Year cards,1 is with the design in & 1 is without the design.Some ppl like to buy the blank wan coz they can use their own printer to make their own design with it.And also some ppl can choose their own design by order it from the super department store.So how do you think of that!Interesting???Hahaaa...



The First Meal For New Year in the morning

Here is the first meal that we have it for the first morning in the New Year in Japan as a breadfast,so this meal we call it in japanese is (OJONI)is a muar chee soup,we cook it with some vegestables & with some fish meat(kamaboko)& the inside the box is like the obento we call it (OSECHI),ham,beans,roll eggs,castnuts & the fish eggs(kazunoko)& the small box wan is the raw foods,all in cold,except the muar chee soup is only hot.