I`m Back

Hi!I`m back!Sorry for not update my blog for so long ,The reason is because i`m out of my energy due to the heat of the weather!Hahaa...!Is now summer in japan and the temperture here is very hot,is about 33・C almost everyday.I don`t like the summer in japan coz the heat really make me lost my energy and mood to do anythings.
So when the summer came I always look for the cooling foods !As the pics below It`s really taste yummy!Hahaaa...look like i will gain up my weight of this foods (^^)
The "Kakigoori "is like the "ice kacang"just a bit different of them is the "ice kacang" got lots of topping in it and the "kakigoori" is just only the syrup and the condensed milk and with some fruits on it only.

Japan Kakigoori

Penang Ice Kacang