At Last I Got It !!!

I was looking for the small little water fountain for so long coz i wanted for it so badly for my Fung Shui goods and i hardly get it till now.These things are only sell on summer time in japan.I went to look for it in the NET and they have lots of nicely fountains but i was so worry that did it can use in japan or not coz the electric vote are not the same and i might need to buy a converter to change the vote.Is so troblesome.
Today when i`m doing a shopping to get the MINI TOMATOS plants for my plantting again i found these small little water fountain!It is make by Bamboo!I was so happy that at last i can get it and also i no need so hard to look for the converter to change the vote!All my worries are gone!Hehehe...Lucky me!!!
So here is my little water fountain that i get.Nice???Hope My Fung Shui will bring more more luck to me!..^^..



The first time i successded cooking the "ASSAM PRAWN!" I would love to THANKS my dearie "Constance" for posting it up the recipe for me in her blog.I copy the recipe and i try to cook it and i found out that this is the taste that i wanted for so long coz it`s really taste like my mom use to cook for us to eat before!Hm...i really feel happy that i can taste it back.I did try so many times to cook it but i always fail to get the taste that i wanted.TQ so much Constance!!!..^^..
Here also i try to cook the "chai boey".( leftovers roast pork)with vegestable too.This dish is teach by my sister JLE.
WOW! I really feel happy that i`m now can cook so many type of our m`sian foods already!Hahaaa...As you all know that i only know how to eat and dunno how to cook person.
Hehe....I did try my best now to learn!..^^..


Try Tis Out...Super Funny‏

My friend send me this funny mail.It`s really funny and i would luf to share it to all my Hokkien friends!..^^.. Hope you all like it !

SPM Levels Hokkien Exam Paper Instructions:
1. Read the passage carefully
2. Grade yourself with the grading system at the end of the passage after reading.
3. Not that difficult, chin chai do lah !

Section A: Orrler Exeminetion (60 marks)
Singalella why become rich ?
Koo zhar wu chee ay char bor kia, Singalella.
She got two sisters, but the stepmarder and the sisters all damn kuai-lan, so she quite zhia-lat oso.
Last time Singalella got own maid, but now she become the amah.
Everyday must cook lah, clean lah, simi sai mah bao-kah-liao.
If her sister say liak kar zhuak, she liak.
Tak jit zho kah tau-hin.
EPF poon boh.
But then, kay piak eh ah-pek got one son call Ah Ming got party.
So he say, 'oeh, long chong lai ah.
'Singalella very happy because she never go party before but then her step-marder say, 'Lee Mana eh-sai kee, this one bahru lu eh sisters wu standard.
' Then Singalella must zho sui-sui for her sisters and step-marder.
Tap pai how, buay zhia, buay koon and buay pang-sai.
That night she only can wave bye bye and then she go back to the kitchen and cook Maggi mee. Her neighbour came over and ask, 'Eh, an-zhua lu boh kee party?
' So Singaalella kong, 'I-wan, lau-bu kong buay-sai, so boh pian.
' She never expect but the neighbour say, 'Aiyah, kee lah, I give you money.
' So singalella brush teef and zhang-zhui, chen-kor, after that look very different.
She quickly run to opposite of the beh-chia-lor, already 11 o'clock.
At the party, Ah Ming also quite sian because the char bor all boh sui one.
Dance floor even got one ah pek dancing.
Just as Ah Ming told himself, 'Aiyah see-pay zhia-lat', Singalella came in.
Ah Ming straight away lau nuar.
'Wah-lau eh, see-pay heng ah, chee kor buay pai.
' Ah Ming say to Singalella, 'eh, sui eh, wah ai kah lee zho flen!
' Singalella say ok but Ah Ming like octopus, touch here touch there.
But then just it was 12 o'clock, one ah pek die on the dance floor.
He become ghost and tell Singalella all the good 4D number.
So after that Singalella quickly go and buy 4D, and then tiok tau-pio, zhit-pak ban.
So she pay back the kay-piak eh lau-kay-poh and then kah kee cho sen-lee.
Simi kuan eh sen-lee wah mana eh zhai.

Section B:Grades - Gauge Your command of Hokkien....

A1. Can understand the story and pronounce Hokkien correctly.
Hokkien eh sai, bo beh zao.

A2. Can understand half story and/or cannot pronounce Hokkien properly.
zhia lat

E8. Don't understand story and/or catch no ball.
leow leow, mai ka lang kong you is Hokkien Lang

F9. Don't understand rating.
Kee see lah, wah mana eh zhai lee kong simi?