My 2 Audio Players in blog

My hobby is listens to songs & watchings videos,Thought that i want to shares my songs & videos for those people who view my blog,i want to created a players & videos in my blog but unfortunally i found out that i got difficulties of creatting those things coz i`m not good at it,but lucky that i got my dearest person who help me out,I feel so sad at the moment when they help me coz i feel like i give them so much troblesome,but they don`t mind & keep on helping me with their open heart & also console me to do my best of learnning it,i really feel so touch with what they all did for me,really thanks to them so much,so, who ever come to view my blog,i hope you all can enjoy listen & watching the songs & videos ok!I will try my best to learn all those creatting ya!!!Thanks to my dearest!!!


Japan`s Fruits

This is japan`s fruits,the japanese orange & Persimmons(Ang ki)

シエイン。ワ- ド(SHAYNE WARD)


My place Toyota(Pictures 2)

This is Toyota City Town,where i live


Japanese foods in course

Japanese foods in course,quite expensive,can onli have it in high grade restaurent .