My Favorite Restroom

Last few days ago,I have a chat with my 2 dearest friends Constance & Amy.We chat about where we mostly spending our time reading newspapers or books and i told them that my favorite place for reading newspapers or books is in my toilet.Coz i really decorated my toilet like a restroom that can give me to relax my time in it and they want to know how is my toilet look like with my decoration!

Tata!!!!Here is it!!! How?Hehehe...Nice?

Toilet door Glass with stainless glass film


Crazy weekend

I was on holidays at the weekend.So i thought of spending my time with my 2 dotters .I took them to do some window shopping at the big super department store here (JUSCO).3 of us are really crazy at that time playing all the goods of the Halloween things . Now all the Super department store here are selling the Halloween goods coz soon will be Halloween. We really have fun at that time.(^^)Here are some pics that i take!How?hehehe...

Cute toys



B`day Girl

Today October the 4th is my Eldest dotter ERIKA B`day .Wow!Time really pass very fast she now have turn into 20 years old already.So me ,hubby and my youngest dotter plan to give her a b`day dinner at 1 of the Steak Resturant in the town area.She quite enjoy herself and so do we too.(^0^) HAPPY B`DAY TO YOU MY DEAR ERIKA!!!

The Steak Resturant that we went....