Dream Girls VS Yagima Biyoushitsu

I wonder that did anyone of you have seen the movie of the "Dream Girls" or not?
As for me, i love the dress up of them and also all the songs they sang is very nice!
Recently in Japan, they got a group of the famous singers "Yagima Biyoushitsu"
They dress up like the(the Dream Girls) and it`s really very nice!
The only things of different both of them is : the real "Dream Girls "are womans
The "Yagima Biyoushitsu"are mans!
So below is the videos of them that i get in youtube,really not bad!And i like it very much! ..^^..


sting said...

hahaha.. the Japanese version not bad ya!

Kacang Puteh said...

Hahaa...Glad you did enjoy it!