Why some Malaysian men gave up on women…
( Of course, not all women are the same.........just for laughs)


Men: What to have for dinner?
Women: Whatever.
Men: Why not we have steamboat?
Women: Don't want la, eat steamboat later got pimples in my face.
Men: Alright, why not have Si Chuan cuisine.
Women: Yesterday ate Si Chuan, today eat again?
Men: Hmm... I suggest we have seafood.
Women: Seafood no good la, later I got diarrhoea.
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: Whatever.

2. "Anything"

Men: So what should we do now?
Women: Anything.
Men: How about watching movie? Long time we didn't watch movie.
Women: Watching movie no good la, waste time only.
Men: How about we go bowling or do some exercise?
Women: Exercise in such hot day? You not feel tired meh?
Men: Then find a café and have drink.
Women: Drink coffee will affect my sleep.
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: Anything.

3. "You decide"

Men: Then we just go home lo.
Women: You decide.
Men: Let's take bus, I will accompany you.
Women: Bus is dirty and crowded. Don't want la.
Men: Ok, we will take taxi.
Women: Not worth it la. For such a short distance.
Men: Alright, then we walk lo. Take a slow walk.
Women: What to walk with empty stomach woh?
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: You decide.
Men: Let's have dinner first.
Women: Whatever.
Men: Eat What?
Women: Anything…
Men: I give up!


Kacang Puteh said...

Hoon,Sue!My site is ok wor!So sorri ya,i also dunno what happenlah!Hahaa...maybe my blog is getting gila liao!hehehe...like melah!

alvincheng said...

I like this blog,i like this post later i will link it here, do come to see next week, i guess, it will be in my blog that time. hehe


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