Everytime at the Cheery Blossom season here Japanese peoples love to do picnic under the SAKURA Trees to enjoy themself and watching the beauty of the flowers.Mostly they will drink till drunk & also doing the KARAOKE too As you can see in the pics.They will stay all the day till nite and here we call it OHANAMI(お花見).They will light up the flowers at nite too so you can have 2 different scenery to enjoy.This season is really very nice coz the weather is not cold & hot and the Cherry Blossom is very beautiful too!hm...love this season!!!


Joze Foo said...

i watch it in Hard Gay show...after these ppl gather here...when they leave they abandon a lot of rubbish there

amy cheah said...

kacang, it is a nice view la. Thanks for sharing us the photo.

Kikey said...

i have some cherry blossom photos on my blog too. i went to Washington DC.

Kacang Puteh said...

HNKP,you were right,tht`s why nowadays here get lots of environment problem here coz they just doesn`t care about it.
Amy,you wellcome!Glad you like it!(`>`)
Kikey,will go visit your blog soon!(`>`)