I`M Back

Hi!I`m Back!Well,guess is time for me to work back my blogger already coz i didn`t write or do anythings in my blog for about 3 weeks.The reason is because i was away,i was going back to my home town in Penang for 3 weeks & had a great time & A great celebration CNY with my family.
So here,i would like to let you all know how i did enjoy myself while in Penang.
First of all i would like to thanks Xiao kia & Lor mee for been such a good & kind Oganiser to make me & all the PGHK friends have a great time at the gathering,i was so happy & enjoy myself while at the gathering coz it is my first time to see all my pghk friends in person & to know each others in more closely,so here is the gathering photos that i post.You can also go to my facebook,there i post more pics up on there.


lor mee said...

Me & Xiao Kia also would like to thanks u & JLE for giving us such a cute souvenirs fr Japan.

David (AKK) said...

Kacang, glad to heard you are back to blog liao... I believe you had enjoyed very much during your stay in Penang :)

Kacang Puteh said...

TQ AKK!Ya,I`m quite enjoy myself in Pg & i also feel so happy to meet up all our PGHK friends,they really are very friendly & nice!Too bad canot see you this time but nvmlah sure we can have chance again to meet up ya!We will be back again in 2010.Hope that time we can meet up again.